Trex 450 as of now


Ive replaced the tail servo to HS 56 since this picture

I've replaced the tail servo to HS 56 since this picture











Yearly update I guess…


I have pretty much “upgraded” everything on my Trex.  From new servos to metal upgrades to CF frame, I think the only orginal part is the landing gear and GYRO 🙂


Got back from vacation

I just got from my two week vacation to tibet. i didn’t bring my chopper since they dont fly well there.

flew my trex for the first time

yesterday i flew my flew my trex for the first time. (yeahhhh!!!!) I didn’t crash, although i didn’t have enough courage to go high enough to leave the ground effect though. I hovered a little. The bird still needs some trim. I guy with asian hands (mode 1, right hand throttle on the controller, thats what people use in China. We in america use mode  2, left hand throttle. Its very hard to use one when you know the other one) tried to fly my mode 2, and well crashed it :-0, but at least i get a chance to fix my helicopter with some spare parts he paid for. Should be flying more again today.

BTW I got my tx back yesterday.

Got cp2 parts today!

Ok, well, unfortunatly, I didn’t get the tx back today; should be back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and if it isn’t, then My hobby shop is going to get a new one. But, I stocked up on some of my cp2 parts (servo, blade clamp, rotor head set) because it needs maintanence in the US. BTW, I should be bringing my trex back to the US with me in august. Seeya you soon China 😛

Trex video (a while ago)

This is a video of the guy at my hobby shop testflying my trex before we found out there was a problem with the tx. 🙂

getting TX back tomorrow

My 6EX had at little problems; delayed throttle, and a throttle/pitch mix up on the sim. SO, my hobby shop sent it back to futaba on warranty. Should be getting it back tomorrow, and start flying my heli!

sorry long time no post

WOW, I have been locked out of my blog via wordpress since january. Alot has happend since my last post. Ok, well now i live in shanghai and i have got a bigger trex helicopter.  I should be going to the U.S. in a little bit bring my helicopter. My setup is:
Trex 450 S AL
Futaba 6EX
futaba S3107 on swash
S3110 on tail

I have also got some spare parts for my cp2 for free. (servo, rotor head parts) Its a nice hobby shop. Here are some pics of my new Trex! Lots of posts to come soon.

Helicopter best deal used.

If was looking at a new logo 10 that costs around $1,300 for the complete setup, but if you want to same a big load of money you should go to runryder and look for used deals. I could get a slightly used logo 10 for about $550. I suggust that everyone that is looking for a helicopter $900 or more new should consider buying a slightly used one for almost half the price or lower. (you will also want to spend money on new replacement parts 😀  )

put a fuse on heli, works great

I just recently put a fuse on my helicopter, i got a 7.5 amp fuse and soldered it on my helicopter. it still works just as before

New Reviews on T-rex 450 SA

Well, it looks like we have some results on the T-rex 450 SA, so far there has been very little negative thoughts and it looks to be a hot helicopter. I have summarized every ones Opinion on this this new ARF avalable from horizon hobby.

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